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Welcome to the experienced & affordable Santa Clara domestic violence lawyer information website where we offer FREE Consultation for all dv charges.  Hiring a strong defense team of dedicated helping you avoid jail is very important in regaining your reputation and freedom when being accused of a domestic battery. We highly recommend that you contact one of the best Santa Clara county domestic violence attorney team for free consultation to go over your defense option.

Best Santa Clara Domestic Violence Attorney – The Restraining Order Portion Of DV

A restraining order is a commonly issued document with heavy weights to protect the alleged domestic violence victim against the alleged offender. Once the restraining order is applied upon request and procured in the county cities, the alleged victim must pass a copy to relevant parties for notification and accountability especially the alleged offender.

The restraining copy could be shown to the police as proof of court issued protection against the alleged domestic violence offender in domestic abuse. A copy should also be kept at convenient storages for a quick access to be offered protection.

Places in which the restrained domestic violence offender is not permitted should also be given a copy of the restraining order for alertness and cooperation.

  1. School
  2. Work place
  3. Daycare center
  4. Gym
  5. Security office in apartment or office blocks
  6. Local police

Violation of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

When the restraining order is violated by the domestic violence offender, the following actions could be taken.

  1. Call the police to arrest the restrained person especially if the offender is within the premise compound of the alleged victim. The offender could be immediately arrested and jailed or imposed a fine as it is a crime to violate a restraining order.
  2. Discuss with the District Attorney handling the domestic violence case for more stringent actions and penalties to be imposed on the offender if the alleged victim does not feel secure.
  3. A civil contempt action could be filed in court which could impose a 5-day jail sentence on each violation committed by the offender against the restraining order.

These harsh actions of the alleged victim could be countered by the quick actions of a skilled and aggressive defense lawyer acting on behalf of the offender. Contempt cases could be complex without an experienced defense lawyer to review all facets of the charge.

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